Franchise Prospectus

Franchise Prospectus

You are an entrepreneur who is in a constant search for the life-time “hit”.

Or you are an executive who is being displaced and who is dissatisfied with the way you are being treated by your company. Recently you have been thinking about putting your resume on the street, but more often you have found yourself thinking about going into business for yourself.

These days, franchising is the most popular system for growing a business and earning profit. Its advantages over going into business on your own include: opening quicker, experiencing success sooner, developing a customer base faster, being your own boss, having less risk and being more profitable…

Financial Terms

Financial terms

Total investment: $150,000 – $200,000

Franchise opening fees: $25,000

Royalty: 5%

Advertising: 1%

Term of contract (years): 10/10

Territory fee: Based on Territory

Space Requirements

Space needs

Café indoor: Minimum 80 m2

Terrace: Minimum 50 m2

Kitchen: 10 - 20 m2

Seating capacity: Minimum 50 seats