CAFE YOUNES defines itself as a socially responsible institution.

Café Younes is committed to support the neighborhood of each of its five outlets. From hiring university students, to showcasing budding artists’ work (photography, painting, music performances...), to helping improve the local culture by offering regular cultural activities such as the monthly poetry reading. 

During the year 2010, Café Younes undertook several initiatives to foster its socially responsible role, among which were:

Juice For Charity

On the 3rd of April, Cafe Younes hosted the "Juice For Charity" event in Hamra branch.


The Braille Menu

In its effort to inject social awareness in its food and beverage outlets, Café Younes developed the first Braille version of their menu, which is the first initiative of its kind in the Middle East and Gulf regions. This unique project, the goals of which also included training staff to deal with the visually impaired customers, soon spread to other venues and many cafes and restaurants throughout Lebanon followed suit. This project was undertaken in collaboration with the Young Association of the Blind (YAB) and the American University of Beirut (AUB).

Eat Out for Life 2012

Café Younes deeply appreciates all the efforts that Children Cancer Center of Lebanon did to make this campaign successful. We are honored to be part of it.

The Book Basket

“Bring a book, have a book” was the slogan used to spread the love of reading among the Lebanese society as well as to encourage people to share their books with others. A large book basket was placed in Café Younes for people to bring in books they no longer needed and take others instead. This initiative was supported by the non- profit organization JCI Beirut.

Book donation for children in need

A huge book box was installed by “Nasma Foundation” in Café Younes in order to collect books that would be donated to children in impoverished areas.