Preparation Methods

French Press (Plunger Pot)
The infusion method
Coarse grind

This method is the easiest way to steep coffee. It produces a strong brew with a fair amount of sediments using a glass cylinder with screens of plastic or metal. 

Rinse the carafe in hot water before adding coarse-ground coffee. Let the slightly cooled boiling water steep with the grounds for four to five minutes. Then slowly and carefully push the screen to the bottom of the pot.

Electrical Or Manual Drip
The dripping method
Medium-coarse grind

This method is the easiest way to brew coffee. The coffee is simply made by passing boiling water through a perforated container packed with medium-coarse ground coffee, using a manual device or an electrical machine.

 Rinse the glass carafe carefully, put it on the boiler, fill the coffee gasket (using its pre-equipped filter or an independent filter paper), and press the button if you are using an electrical machine, or pour the hot water if you are using the manual filter method.

The pressure method
Fine to medium grind

This method is carried out by forcing hot water at very high pressure through fine to medium ground beans, fast. Nothing matches the thickness of an espresso. The result is a syrupy liquid with a wonderful flavor that completely overtakes the palate and lingers for half an hour or so. 

If you are not being served by a barista in a coffee shop and you really want to use your home espresso machine, here are some useful steps:
First, read the instruction manual because each machine has different features.

Then use the correct grind size (a feel of fine sand between your fingers) and scoop it in the filter holder. Hold the tamping tool provided and compact the coffee just enough to level the surface.

The filter holder should be firmly latched into the machine.

Press the button after making sure that the brew light is indicating that the water is hot enough for brewing.

The ideal flow of espresso begins thick and slow, pouring like honey from a spoon.

After five or ten seconds, the color lightens.

Turn the machine off after 20 to 30 seconds or until you reach the quantity desired (30 ml is the normal liquid weight).

Turkish / Arabic Coffee
The Middle Eastern method
Extremely fine grind

The coffee is boiled several times (two or three times according to taste) in a long-handled brass or copper pot, tinned from the interior, which slopes inward at the top. This pot is called “rakweh.” The froth, the sign of an expert maker, is distributed equally among the guests.Use about 2 teaspoons of very fine grind (flour fine) to half a cup of water. Stir in as much sugar as you like and put the coffee over a medium flame. Bring the liquid to a frothing simmer. Just as it puffs and is about to boil over, remove it from the stove and pour a bit of foam into the cup or cups. Bring the coffee back to a simmer, repeat twice or more, and pour out the rest.

Moka or Stove Top
The manual method
Medium-coarse grind

The easy, inexpensive and entertaining way to make an espresso.

Applied over a source of heat, the pressure from the steam forces the hot water out of the chamber and through the ground coffee. 

Unscrew the lower compartment and fill it with water. Fill the metal basket found in the middle with coffee to the top and level off with a knife. Do not tamp hard or the water won’t make it through. Put the stove top over a medium flame and leave the top open so you can see when the coffee starts pouring out of the center tube. When the flow turns to foam, turn off the heat and serve.