Signature Blends

Half Decaf Blend No1
Decaf Colombia, Ethiopia
Low to medium acidity – Fair body
Syrupy sweet flavor

This is a smooth blend of Decaffeinated Colombian beans mixed perfectly well with Ethiopian beans, preserving all the flavor and fragrance, yet with half the caffeine. This coffee is perfect when you want a little late-afternoon nap without having to worry about enduring a sleepless night after.

Gourmet Blend
Bolivia, Colombia, Nicaragua
Medium acidity – Heavy body
Very sweet flavor

A custom blend of South American and Central American coffees creates this complex and very popular coffee blend. “I recently tried your Gourmet Blend, and I must say how impressive it is,” says a regular Café Younes client. “I enjoyed it so much that I recently served it at an evening party I hosted. All the guests were delighted about how tasty it was. It is unquestionably a new favourite among my friends and family.” This surely sums it all up, right?

Half Decaf Blend No3
Decaf Colombia, Yemen
Low acidity – Heavy body
Fruity and spicy flavor

Another “pick-me-up” during the day without keeping you up all night. This exquisite and “weird” blend is full-bodied, strong, fruity, and very spicy. You will swear it is fully caffeinated, until you fall asleep!

South Italian Blend
Ethiopia, Uganda, Colombia
Medium acidity – Heavy body
Sweet flavor

The beautiful beans shine like black diamonds. This intense blend was the first blend created in Café Younes and has been extremely popular in many households in the country. After the beans are removed from the roaster, they are dark and are lightly covered with drops of natural oils that have slowly made their way to the surface of the bean, giving the cup a full and heavy body. This blend is highly praised among the Italians of the South, and Italians surely know a thing or two about their coffee.

Specialty Blend
Colombia, Ethiopia
Medium to heavy acidity – Full body
Balanced sweet flavor

Colombia Supremo and Ethiopia Harrar are the most desired coffees in the world. Mixing them in this blend makes the coffee simply marvelous. This blend smells like freshly ground heaven. Relax with its taste and enjoy its rich balance. It offers a sweet equilibrium along with a heavy and full body. 

The Massive Blend
Colombia, Sumatra, Costa Rica
Medium to sharp acidity – Heavy body
Sweet flavor

This perfect combination of three coffees, from the lands of paradise, is a perfect complement to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Colombia Supremo, Sumatra Mandheling and Costa Rica Tarrazu jointly offer a rich flavorful cup with a heavy body and sweet flavor.

Central Italian Blend
Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua
Low to medium acidity – Heavy body
Very sweet flavor

Walking in the large busy streets of the city of Rome, in the central portion of the Italian peninsula, you go through the two and a half thousand years of history and abide by the international saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” And what do the Romans do? Drink a “caffè”. This blend has successfully captured the essence of this “Eternal City” with its heavy body and very sweet flavor.

Half Decaf Blend No2
Decaf Brazil, Sumatra
Low acidity – Heavy body
Sweet flavor

We have had so many people ask us for a half decaffeinated blend that they can enjoy later in the day, preserving the brew’s heavy body. Well, this blend will capture your senses and your mouth feel will note its thickness, with half the caffeine. Moreover, it is half decaf, half organic.

Café Younes Blend
Sumatra, Ethiopia
Low to medium acidity – Heavy body
Intense sweet flavor

This blend brings to mind open-air, sidewalk cafés with a floating crowd of parasols, open to shade the clients who are relaxing with friends or maybe with just a book or a laptop. There is something about the overall mood of a sidewalk café that makes you want to sit and rest while the world around you rushes past. This blend is known for its rich, intense sweet flavor and full body. Cheers!

North Italian Blend
Brazil, Sumatra, Costa Rica
Low to medium acidity – Heavy body
Sweet flavor

Sensitive stomach means low acidity, and this is right even with a coffee blend. Our low-acid coffee blend was made especially for those with sensitive stomachs, but is perfectly balanced for everyone to enjoy to the last drop. At Café Younes, your health is important too!

Artisan's Blend
Jamaica, Yemen, Costa Rica
Low to medium acidity – Balanced body
Nutty, fruity and spicy flavor

This is a spicy and VERY fruity Central American and Yemeni signature blend. The beans have been roasted to their perfect roast profile, hand-blended together and roasted in small batches. The aroma of this freshly roasted blend is sure to get you to let everything go and relax. Its flavor can make you travel to the roasting facility in Café Younes, where you can incarnate the roast master, help him, listen to his stories, and smell the fragrance… with your coffee in hand. 

French Roast Blend
Colombia, Kenya, Sumatra, Hawaii
Balanced acidity – Full body
Balanced sweet flavor

With the feel of the cup and the aroma of the brew, your senses have already been captured by the aroma of this fine coffee. Finally, you put your lips to the cup and decide it is time. As the coffee pours into your mouth, you will notice right then the balanced sweet flavor of the French Roast. Wonderful!

The Breakfast Blend
Bolivia, Uganda, Nicaragua
Medium acidity – Balanced body
Very sweet flavor

A mix of Central American, South American, and African coffees makes up this compelling blend. A very sweet mixture with just the right amount of acidity and body to help you get up on your feet and start the day energetically.

The 75th Anniversary Blend
Brazil, Sumatra, Yemen
Very low acidity – Massive body
Fruity and spicy flavor

What makes this blend so different and unique? On the occasion of Café Younes’ 75th anniversary, we have decided to create a special blend to celebrate this event. Much time, energy, sleepless caffeinated nights and lots of fun and passion has been spent on finalizing it. The result was amazing; this premium blend has the right acidity, the pleasing spice and fruit notes and the perfect syrupy body: An extraordinary balance. Additionally, it suits all the coffee preparation methods (Turkish, espresso, drip and French press).

House Blend No14
Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil
Medium acidity – Full body
Fruity and nutty flavor

Here we dropped the Centrals and focused on the South Americans and the Africans. This blend is the creation of our master roaster, who has been roasting our coffee for more than 50 years: A perfect mix of body, intensity, acidity, and fruit flavors. It is so rich, almost nutty. Here it is, straight from Abou Anwar’s hands to your palate!

Beirut Blend
Costa Rica, Sumatra, Bolivia
Medium acidity – Balanced body
Fruity and sweet flavor

Since Beirut started taking intense pleasure in the tradition of coffees, apartments’ balconies were actively filled with small tables, chairs and the famous “rakweh.” Piping hot and freshly ground coffee is being served to the neighbour (The “jara”), to the husband reading the daily newspaper, and to one self for that morning dream moment. Very fruity and sweet, this blend is the right one.

Low acidity – Medium body
Nutty and chocolaty flavor

Brazilian coffee’s unmistakable flavor and aroma surfaces brilliantly in this “classic” and custom blend that mixes dark roasted and medium roasted Brazilian beans. Since Marjeioun is one of the top coffee drinking regions in Lebanon, this perfect blend suits the taste of its original inhabitants and is dedicated to them!

Blend of 5
Brazil, Ethiopia, Sumatra, Nicaragua, Colombia
Low to medium acidity – Fair body
Fruity and sweet flavor

The Blend of 5 is very balanced, rich in taste, and has a wonderful aroma. Chosen by our loyal Turkish-coffee drinking clients as an all-time favourite, this brew is always in high demand. It took us six month to create this sensitive 5-country blend.