Franchise Prospectus


Cafe Younes is a Lebanon-based specialty multi-national coffee roaster since 1935 that genuinely embraces modernity throughout its history. It offers its clients a cozy, contemporary and convenient setting with a diverse menu selection, bringing the aesthetics of its authentic visual history into a contemporary setting.

Café Younes brings the roasting process to each of its outlets. Integrating the roasting journey to the café experience, Café Younes immerses its customers into a unique concept. The customers not only witness the live coffee roasting "show" but are also part of it. Each client is individually personalized and enjoys the highly praised possibility to create his/her unique signature blend. 

Every Café Younes outlet has an easygoing, contemporary and convenient setting that can naturally blend in any neighborhood: It is a friendly place people consider their second home. It is however supported by a franchise network with proven systems and procedures, in order to be able to insure that the highest possible quality is constantly predominant and meets customers’ demands in each and every franchised market.

Unique Business Proposition:

  • 80+ years of established brand equity
  • Attractive return on investment
  • Scalable in size and offerings
  • Artisan small batch fresh coffee roasting
  • Multi-national presence

Average area per location:

  • Kiosk format: 10-50 sqm
  • Small format: 50-100 sqm
  • Medium format: 100-150 sqm
  • Large format: above 150 sqm

Average investment per store:

  • Kiosk format: $40,000-$70,000
  • Small format: $120,000-$180,000
  • Medium format: $220,000-$250,000
  • Large format: $300,000-$400,000

Company-owned and franchised outlets: 10
Franchise availability: worldwide
Terms of franchise agreement:10 years renewable
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