Your neighbourhood coffeeshop, since 1935.

Serving our customers the best coffees from around the world. Today, after more than 80 years of caffeinated services, we remain committed to our heritage of quality products and special customer service.

Hamra Roaster

With an exceptionally homey feel, welcoming staff and aroma of coffee roasting that guides you right to it, the second Café Younes roaster opened in 1960, after the one in Downtown Beirut. It has been enchanting passersby with the same delicious aroma of coffee,comforting regulars and creating unforgettable moments for the neighborhood.

Hamra Coffee Roaster 
Neemat Yafet street,
Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
961 (0)1 34 75 31
Mon-Fri: 7:30AM-7PM
Sat: 7:30AM-5PM
Sun: 9AM-5PM 

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Hamra Branch

After more than 12 years, our original Hamra coffee shop has relocated to a 1950s Beirut house on Baalbek Street. With a beautiful hidden garden in the middle of Beirut, this location offers its visitors a greener and calmer setting, and a live coffee roasting experience.

Hamra Coffee Shop
Baalbeck street,
Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
961 (0)1 75 09 75

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Sodeco Branch

Busting with life, our Sodeco branch is the neighborhood café for residents and passers-by where it caters for business executives on a quick lunch break, friends meeting for an afternoon coffee,students studying and young professionals working actively from their laptops.

Sodeco Coffee Shop
Sodeco Square,
Sodeco, Beirut, Lebanon
961 (0)1 42 45 15

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Ashrafieh Branch

Perfectly located on a corner of one of Beirut's busiest streets, this typical neighborhood coffee shop offers an extensive range of premium quality coffee. Guests get to enjoy the aroma of freshly roasted coffee and a wide variety of food and desserts while relaxing on the sidewalk, the bar or the cozy terrasse. Afterwich, customers can take home one of the many coffee single origins or signature blends.

Ashrafieh Coffee Shop
Lebanon street,
Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon
961 (0)1 61 17 11

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Badaro Branch

Located in one of the most appealing residential neighbourhoods and business hubs in the heart of Beirut, we offer an extensive range of premium quality coffee and signature blends from over 10 countries. What is ideal about this location is that customers are able to take home freshly roasted specialty coffee after enjoying a wide variety of drinks, delicious food, desserts and local wine on the shaded sidewalk.

Badaro Coffee Shop
Badaro main street,
Beirut, Lebanon
961 (0)1 38 05 99
Mon-Sun: 7:30AM-12AM

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AUBMC Branch

Passionate about delivering the taste of authentic coffee to its customers wherever they are, Café Younes is the first coffee house to reach the “premises” of doctors and patients. Earning its position as part of AUBMC, a leading medical center and healthcare institution in the region with the highest standards of patient-centered care and academic innovation, Café Younes serves the hospital’s staff, visitors, and patients through a relaxing coffee concept established inside the center.Designed with an outdoor terrace and a vertical garden beautifully embellished by plants and old trees, the coffee shop is a pleasant escape to the senses and an enjoyable stop for anyone looking for a comforting cup of coffee or a quick tasty bite. 

AUBMC Coffee Shop
American University of Beirut Medical Center
Maamari street, Beirut, Lebanon
961 (0)1 35 00 00 / 6722
Mon-Fri: 7:30AM-6PM
Sat-Sun: 7:30AM-3PM

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ACC Branch

Following the dedication to serve our leading healthcare institution an authentic coffee experience, our branch in ACC, Halim and Aida Academic and Clinical Center, offers the clinics’ doctors and patients signature coffee blends, refreshing drinks, delicious desserts and a quick bite.

ACC Coffee Shop
Academic and Clinical Center 
Abdel Aziz street, Beirut, Lebanon
961 (0)1 35 00 00 / 6782
Mon-Fri: 7:30AM-7PM

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BDD Branch

Located in Beirut Digital District (BDD),we offer this community of like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads a stress free space where they get to enjoy a cup ofspecialty coffee paired with delicious bites and even a full fledged menu, away from the hustle and bustle of their workspace.

BDD Coffee Shop
Bechara El Khoury street,
Facing the Ministry of Finance
Mon-Fri: 7:30AM-6PM

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Aley Branch

Reminiscent of the Aley branch open first in the 1940s, the 2011 Aley outlet recalls the good old days through its welcoming terrasse that overlooks the city entrance, catering freshly roasted coffee to the area and its inhabitants who strive for high-quality coffee and a large variety of premium coffee beans. Located on the busiest street in Aley, a lively summer destination in Mount Lebanon, it offers the same quality, same aroma, and same taste of superb coffee.

Aley Coffee Roaster
Aley Center
Mount Lebanon
961 (0)5 55 94 52

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Batroun - Mayouli

Our first location in North Lebanon, this beautiful guest house is equipped with one of the most beautiful gardens in the area. We offer variety of freshly roasted coffee, delicious food, and local wine from several regions in Lebanon. It is the perfect destination for work, family and friends.

Batroun Coffee Shop 
Neemat Batroun,
Al Soutouh, Lebanon
961 (0)6 74 08 34
Mon-Sun: 9AM-9PM

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